Welcome to the Hip and Groin Clinic.

The only multi-disciplinary centre of its kind in the North of England, the clinic provides a dedicated resource for professional and elite sports people looking for the fastest possible return to competition.

For those who play sports such as football, rugby and Olympic sports at the highest level, the risk of soft tissue injury around the hip and lower abdomen is never far away.

The groin is a complex area and problems can be very difficult to diagnose. Yet speed is of the essence to get athletes back to full fitness and ready once again to pursue their personal goals.

The Hip and Groin Clinic is a different approach that brings together four leading physicians, working together as a team

Athletes will see each of these experts during the same assessment, a holistic approach that allows the team to pinpoint the diagnosis whether it is one specific problem or, commonly, two or more factors combined.

These conditions can then be treated all at the same time, giving the patient a better chance of full recovery and a faster return to their sport.

To understand the game-changing nature of the Hip and Groin Clinic experience, simply play the video